Character Blogs

Some groups enjoy writing in-character blogs about their adventures. These are good for giving additional insight into the characters, as well as getting a single character's take on what happened during the session. Some game masters also like to hand out additional experience points for a well fleshed out character blog.

There are a couple of possible options for doing this.

One Blog to Rule Them All

Everybody writes their blog entries on the main blog that is part of the default template. This is easy, and as long as your group is trustworthy, no trouble to maintain. Just copy the following text into the page where you want your blog to appear:


You still need to find a way to identify which character each post is from. Including the character's name in the title is one option. You can also start each post with a character portrait, which gives your page some nice visual interest.

Every (Wo)man for Themselves

Giving each character their own blog is another option. Any player who wants to put a blog up for their character puts the following on their page:


Be aware that each player should put their own character name between '>' and '?'

If you want to put up a collective blog view, you'll have to list each blog directly on the view page. You can put something like the following on the page which should host the comprehensive view. Just remember to change the names to those of your own characters.

  ===== Character Blogs =====

Each blog creates its own namespace. If you would like you can restrict write access to the player in charge of the character.

If you create the blog summary page, it's also a good idea to identify the character for each blog. The character portrait adds the most visual interest, but you can also start the blog titles with the character name, such as “Thack: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Zombie Horde.”