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Facebook and Google Logins

This site hit a major milestone tonight, with the ability to log in via Facebook and Google. This is a huge boost for both convenience and security.

If you're like me, you hate having to remember dozens of user names and passwords. They either wind up on sticky notes in your desk drawer, or if you're an alpha-geek, in a password management application on your phone. Allowing you to use an existing login makes your life a lot easier.

There's a surprise security bonus too. If you create your account via Facebook or Google, the account that gets created on this site is special. It has a random garbage password assigned. Nobody knows it. You can set it to something if you want, but there's no good reason why you should. So even if somebody gets their hands on the user file, the password they can recover is useless for anyplace but this site.

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2014/08/20 20:57 · clay

Getting a Game Site

The old game site at rpg-campaign.com is starting to break down. It still runs, and it can be patched, but it's only a matter of time until it can't be maintained any more. So I'm opening up new group sites on the rpg-campaign.net domain, using the new software. If you want a site, go to the Get a Game Site! page and fill out the form.

2014/04/15 17:17 · clay

Fellow Lunatics Wanted

I am looking for a fellow lunatic to help turn this site into something useful to the general gaming public. If you have a vision for what a gaming site should be, and you're willing to help with ideas and time, I'd like to hear from you. You don't need impressive technical skills. Most of what needs doing just needs willing hands and the ability to learn simple things on the fly.

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2014/03/27 16:24 · clay